DATE: 16-26 OCTOBER 2014


What does a city mean to us? What role does it play in our life? Are we moving towards the atomization of the society whose people communicate mainly through social media, and towards the world of the Internet village where anyone can “meet” almost everyone and at the same time create distance between people? Or have we started to appreciate real relations between people, their true emotions? Maybe we searched for the identity of the place where we live and we appreciated spaces that encourage being together? Are we going to escape to a virtual world or come back to the ancient Agora? Do smaller flats encourage us to stay in the virtual reality or to go out and meet friends in shared public spaces? And maybe the shape of those public spaces, their quality, aesthetical and emotional charge  and all events happening there might cause that the screens of smart phones, clouds of information, social media, computer games and everything else will not consume us completely.

During this year’s edition of Westival of Architecture we would like to take a closer look at the interaction between the city and its residents, that is why we titled it:


We will look closer at shared public spaces- how they are created in different cities, countries, cultures- and how they influence the citizens and their identification with the place where they live. We will examine the spaces created by the political and architectural decisions as well as by the grassroots initiatives- both: social and economic, organized and spontaneous- all the actions that are the reflection of the way of thinking. We would like to exchange our opinions on the subject of how does the creation of positive city spaces influence the joint responsibility of the residents.

Westival is addressed to all those who are interested in the development and architecture of their city. In order to look at the problem from different perspectives, we invited recognized architects from Poland and abroad.

The exhibitions showing public spaces in Szczecin, Poland and Europe will be the part of Westival, together with conferences and workshops connected with public spaces in our city.

We will take a look at living in Szczecin between 1989-2014. The City Space is the story about ourselves- the residents. We will try to find the objects that have a historical value and are important from the perspective of changes that took place after 1989. There will be a public debate related to the plebiscite “Building of the last 25 years- SYMBOL OF CHANGE”.