Installation of Bartłomiej Arobala Kociemba “Public spaces, shared spaces”

unnamed (1)Arobal- one of the most talented Polish illustrators (according to “Wprost” magazine 2011). At the request of the Waglewski brothers, Arobal designed the graphics for their new album “Heavi Metal” which was nominated for the Fryderyk award. The Dramatic Theater of Warsaw commissioned him to design posters for plays such as: “Madame Bovary”, “Don Quixote”, “Apocalypsa Plaza” or “Glissando”. Arobal’s illustrations also decorated the cover of Krystian Lupa’s book “Persona” as well as “ARCHITEKTURA- murator” magazine.

For Westival, Arobal is preparing a special artwork dedicated to Szczecin. It is not going to be only an illustration, but a spatial installation that uses elements of ikebana: a patchwork of the metropolitan area in the context of the nature which surrounds a city and exists there as well. Next, the exhibition will be presented in Copenhagen.

With the presentation of Arobal’s artworks at the Westival of Architecture in Szczecin we would like to refer to the idea of breaking a convention- introduce an artistic motif connected directly to architecture but shown from a different perspective.

The idea of the exhibition is to widen the group of creators and recipients to include people not directly connected with architecture, but who also have been creating the image of the city together with its cultural fabric.


Curators of the exhibition: Patrycja Tokarska and Maciej Gardiasz