web4-01The Organiser of the competition “Building of the last 25 years_SYMBOL OF CHANGE” is the municipality of Szczecin and the Co-organiser is the Polish Architects Association Szczecin’s Division (Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich Oddział Szczecin).

Collaborating institutions: West Pomeranian District Chamber of Architects in the Republic of Poland (Zachodniopomorska Okręgowa Izba Architektów RP), the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, the Association of Polish Urban Planners Szczecin District (Towarzystwo Urbanistów Polskich Oddział Szczecin), West District Chamber of Urban Planners (Zachodnia Okręgowa Izba Urbanistów), the Association of an Aesthetic and Modern Szczecin (Stowarzyszenie Estetycznego i Nowoczesnego Szczecina).

The Last 25 years of Polish history were a time of deep cultural, social and economic changes. It was a time when the space around ussignificantly changed. This competition aims to draw attention to the City as a place where the history of changes after the year 1989 is reflected in the buildings and spacial development.

The purpose is to choose  by voting, an object in Szczecin that was designed or built between 1989 and 2014. It will be the “Building of last 25 years – SYMBOL OF CHANGE” which will draw attention to and discussion about the values that appeared during the last quarter of century.

The following categories will be assessed:

I category: Different objects: public spaces, redevelopment of existing buildings, revitalization, engineering and infrastructure objects

II category: Buildings and residential complexes, both multi- and single-family

III category: Public buildings

This competition has a prestigious character.

The Main Prize will be awarded- the honorary title “Building of the last 25 years_ SYMBOL OF CHANGE” as well as prizes by category.

The jury will choose 30 objects to be a so-called “starting list” and from this list they will choose 15 objects (5 per each category) for public discussion.

Public discussions with the participation of the Jury and under the chairmanship of  the Architect of the City of Szczecin – Jarosław Bondar together withvoting will take place during the Westival of Architecture 2014 between 16-19 October in Szczecin’s Philharmonic Hall on Małopolska st.

The final debate and the announcement of the results:

19.10.2014 at 14.00 in Szczecin’s Philharmonic Hall on Małopolska st.

Information about the competition is provided by Strategy Development Bureau of Szczecin’s City Hall – 91 424 5054, e-mail: