Contraversions – a study case: “Achievements of postwar architecture in Szczecin and West Pomerania in comparison with Polish architecture. Attempt to assess”

web4-02As a part of the Jubilee celebration of Profesor Adam Maria Szymski

Covering the last 50 years of Polish architecture in West Pomerania. Half of that time was in PRL, the other half in the times of freedom and the free market in Poland. All of this makes us think about  Szczecin and the whole of the West Pomerania region in the history of Polish architecture. Those questions will be discussed during the following thematic blocks:

  • “Modernistic” architecture of Szczecin in comparison with Polish architecture after 1945
  • Polish sacral architecture as an artistic activity, which could be a starting point for the original, creative attitude in 20 c. architecture, including sacral buildings in West Pomerania.
  • Contemporary architectural achievements in West Pomerania at the turn of 20 and 21 century. The meaning of buildings designed by architects from outside West Pomerania on the territory of Pomerania and the buildings from local architects designed outside West Pomerania.
  • “Provincialism”: limitation or a chance?

All people interested in the role and the meaning of architecture as an important medium of regional culture are invited to take part in the discussion.