Workshops for children


We follow the inspiration of the designers of Szczecin’s philharmonic hall – musical instruments are seen as a starting point to a form, then the idea is being conveyed into the form of a building – first as a sketch and then as a model. In this way we will explain to children the mechanism of transforming inspiration into a real design.

How are musical instruments built?

What are rhythm, composition and harmony in architecture and music?

What forms of architecture and music do we know?

What is a pause in music and architecture?


Music and architecture are forms of art that create space around us. Music- with the help of sounds, architecture- with forms. Both disciplines have an influence on how we feel, they create our awareness and sensitivity.

This event includes a walk around the philharmonic hall and the organization of an  architectural workshop for children, during which the idea of the design of that building will be explained. The workshop will be topped with a presentation of works and designs made by children.

The scenario for these classes was created by architects with help from musicians. We will start from the analysis of the task, then we will look for inspiration and move to the idea and discussion. The workshop will finish with the realization  of projects and presentation of the works.

This tour around the building aims to sensitize the children to the shape of the surroundings and inspiring them through original spaces. Thanks to theinterdisciplinary character of the project, the organizers would like to show that architecture is not only what we could see or touch, but also what we can hear.


COLOURFUL INITIATIVE – public spaces from the example of Superkilen in Copenhagen and other realizations.

The physical matter of a city is subject to the laws of nature, but it is also a creation of culture. During this workshop we will show children how the engagement of different social and cultural groups may influence the creation of public spaces.

Sociologists think that what makes people diverse also has a reflection in the physical shape of the space. Superkilen is a modern urban space that was created in one of the most ethnically diverse districts in Copenhagen, and this project refers to the multicultural Denmark. In that space, architects placed many urban pieces of furniture which refer to the cultures of individual countries.

During this workshop we will try to look closer at a chosen part of Szczecin and check how diverse it is. But the main activity will be to create a collaborative project of developing a part of the city.

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