Shared Cities – European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014

epus“Shared Cities- European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014” is a biennial competition that aims to recognise best projects of the public spaces in Europe. During this year 8th edition an international jury has chosen, among hundreds of projects, 25 finalists whose artworks are presented on this exhibition.

In a time when more than half the world’s population lives in urban environments, organizers state that “a form of the city is intimately related with democracy”. Approving and making public positive transformation of European cities should encourage creating valuable public spaces, as well as appropriation of the city by its citizens. Friendly public spaces cause the integration of their inhabitants, strengthen their positive identification with the place in which they live and boost prestige of that city.

This exhibitions presents the works of finalists together with the descriptions and video with decisions of the jury. It was presented in many European cities. It is the main exhibition of the 8th edition of Westival of Architecture dedicated to that theme.







Photographs are the property of Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona.


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